"Wine" For Cats

"Wine" For Cats
Why drink alone? This natural cat "wine" means you can imbibe together!


Special occasions, the end of a long hard day, or just spending quality time with your cat calls for a treat. Colorado-based company Apollo Peak agrees, so they came up with something a little different for moments shared with your feline friend: “wine” for cats!

Fear not, this all-natural liquid libation contains no actual alcohol. The rosy or golden hue (depending on whether you choose Pinot Meow or Moscato) comes from organic, USA-grown beets, combined with fresh, organic catnip from the Pacific Northwest to entice and delight even the most discerning (read: picky) cat palate. The scent of catnip may initially make your cat frisky, but once she sips a little she’ll mellow out and get down to some serious relaxing. Both the Pinot Meow and Moscato are available at apollopeak.com.

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