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Merry Christmas

How do you know which of your cats is top cat and which is at the bottom?

Sometimes these are silly questions because it is clear and well understood and mostly accepted by all. And sometimes it is not so obvious.

The question makes me think of one of our cats and so I decided I should tell her story. Her name is Merry Christmas, AKA Merry, AKA Mimi. She was dumped in a very huffy angry manner at my feline practice 11 years ago over the Christmas holidays. She’d been an

Watson, Peace on Earth

All I Want for Christmas

I’ve been watching my cats Watson, Merry, and Louis even more closely these past few weeks because they are being especially charming and sweet. Enchanted by the changes around the house, the hanging stars, the tree, the lights, and the kids home from college laughing together on the couch, there have been lots of “look how sweet the cats are” moments. But, it seems to me that for the cat every day is Christmas day and their purr says Peace on Earth. This is

Watson has fleas, how embarrassing!

I’m a veterinarian, yes, but I also live with cats and my cats are subject to all the same things as my patients. For instance the last few days I’ve noticed an increase in hairball activity. Otherwise they appear to be pretty much normal, maybe a little more sleepy than usual. But then it is snowing and perhaps it is just the change in season that has made them feel sleepy. I am also a little sleepy.

But…increased hairball activity is a concern, because hairballs are not always

Watson and Louis

The Language of a Name

It is sometimes difficult to find the perfect name for a pet. They arrive in their brand new carriers or on our doorstep and we are immediately smitten, but a name can take time to fit properly. As a veterinarian in a feline practice it was fun to see the line up of names on the schedule each morning. The story of how they got their names was often very comical. Barbie for instance was found licking the BBQ grill, Daphne du Maurier was found outside the

Peeing In Purses

Peeing in Purses

            I worked for many years as a veterinarian in a feline practice and we had a clinic cat at one time that we referred to simply as the politician. He came by this name for a number of reasons. But the main reason was that he had even more charm than can normally fit into a cat.

His given name was Beau and he certainly was a beauty, a statuesque long haired grey tabby with brilliant green eyes. When he moved in, he took up post


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears