All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas
Watson, Peace on Earth

All I Want for Christmas

I’ve been watching my cats Watson, Merry, and Louis even more closely these past few weeks because they are being especially charming and sweet. Enchanted by the changes around the house, the hanging stars, the tree, the lights, and the kids home from college laughing together on the couch, there have been lots of “look how sweet the cats are” moments. But, it seems to me that for the cat every day is Christmas day and their purr says Peace on Earth. This is their gift to us.

Veterinarians often find this time of year difficult because it is a season for euthanasias. In the past two days I have performed two euthanasias of elderly cats. They went peacefully to their maker in their owners loving arms. It is a time of year when cats and dogs that have been managing with long term health issues often decide they cannot make it through another winter. But it is also a time of year when difficult choices often have to be made when a beloved pet is injured or sick. Unusual and unplanned veterinary expenses push the limits of what a family can cope with at this time of year when our focus is on putting on our Christmas fanfare. And so I am bracing myself for that next cat that will not survive without costly treatment or surgery and the only other choice will be euthanasia to prevent further pain and suffering. These heart breaking decisions are difficult for everyone and too often happen at this time of year.

So, I am wondering what the perfect gift to our cats might be this year. New toys, new beds, new climbing apparatus’, an outdoor enclosure? All of that would be divine. But I think it might be the opportunity for another Christmas with “look how sweet the cats are” moments. Which is really a gift to all of us. So, this Christmas, the very best thing may be to buy your cat Pet Insurance. This is my Christmas wish for all my patients and it is also all I want for Christmas. It seems a fair exchange for their daily gift to us.

Merry Christmas everyone, and Peace on Earth.

Until next time, with Feeling Feline,
Dr. Carol Teed, veterinarian, author of Learning the Secret Language of Cats- A Vet’s Translation. Visit me on FB or at or new- follow my cats Merry, Watson and Louis on instagram secretlanguageofcats

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