Black Cat Friday

Black Cat Friday
cat wearing a tie

Black Friday is a great time to raise awareness about black cats.  Did you know that
black cats are the least likely to be adopted?

Here are some silly reasons to adopt a black cat:
1. They will look adorable in your Halloween photos
2. They like to dress up and wear ties (see Nibbles above)
3. They have the finest tastes
4. You can impress your friends by naming your cat something non-traditional or post-modern, like Sparkles, Snow, or Spot.  Or heck, go with the cliché Midnight – there’s a reason it’s popular!
5. Black is slimming – being around a black cat makes you look great!
6. Black cats are considered lucky in some cultures.  Who doesn’t need a little extra luck now and then?!

Check out your local shelter for adoption specials on black cats like this one at Toronto Animal Services.

Jenna Cheal, Ph.D. is an experimental psychologist who loves cats and analyzing cat behaviour.  She uses her extensive background in understanding the causes of behaviour to provide simple solutions to a range of cat behaviour issues.  Jenna (aka The Cat Psychologist) lives in Toronto, Ontario with her partner and two best cat-friends, Andes and Bolivar.
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