ASPCA and NYPD Collaborate to Better Help Animals

ASPCA and NYPD Collaborate to Better Help Animals
August 14, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

The NYPD and ASPCA are taking on a pilot project that aims to better the care for animals in the New York area. The project kicks off this week, and all sides are hopeful for its success. According to a joint press release, "under the agreement, the NYPD will take the lead role in responding to all animal cruelty complaints in the five boroughs, while the ASPCA will expand its direct care and forensics work to assist law enforcement officials by providing critical support for animal cruelty victims, including forensic evaluations, medical treatment, behavior assessments, housing and placement, as well as backup legal support and training".

This pilot program has the potential to influence how law enforcement in other major municipalities make use of the rescue services available to them, and vice versa. We are on board for any program that aims to better the life of animals, and this project seems like a smart way to go. Paws up for the NYPD and ASPCA! 


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