Cat Nap Facts

Cat Nap Facts
January 6, 2014 by Modern Cat Magazine
Sleeping Lincoln

We all know that cats love sleep. Here are five fun facts that help to explain their sleep cycles and habits!

  1. When cats doze their bodies are rigid, ready to wake up and react!
  2. Kittens do not go through the dozing part of the sleep cycle, they go straight into deep sleep, for their first month (which explains all of those adorable videos of kittens falling asleep out of nowhere!)
  3. Your sleeping, twitching kitty IS dreaming! Very likely chasing dream mice
  4. Cats record smells and sounds during most of their sleep cycle so they can detect any anomolies in their environment while they sleep
  5. While cats are normally awake during dawn and sundown, they tend to adapt to their favourite people's schedules so they can be awake when their humans are up and around

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