Cat's Meow Spa and Boutique will pamper your cat

Cat's Meow Spa and Boutique will pamper your cat
August 14, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

While cats are expert groomers, they also need our help to stay happy and healthy. Depending on your cat's temperament, it may be hard to properly groom and pamper your cat. Thankfully, Cat's Meow Spa and Boutique in Mill Valley, Northern California has created a soothing spa experience just for cats! They have a long list of various spa treatments including facials, ear cleanses, claw-dicures, brushing and de-matting, and specialty trimming (Lion Clip, anyone?). By appointment only, they make sure that all of your cat's needs are met. All of these services (and much more) are offered in an environment specifically designed to help calm cats. Cat's Meow use sound-proof rooms to quiet any sudden noises that can scare cats and cat-relaxing pheromones throughout every room.

This unique spa is approaching cat grooming from the feline perspective, which is pretty cool and exciting. They hope that the (often stressful) grooming process can be a healthy and enjoyable experience for everyone involved! Cat's Meow claims to be the very first cat spa in the world, and is hoping to have a significant impact on how people approach grooming their cats and understand how important it is for feline health and safety to be properly groomed. 

Cat's Meow also has a boutique which features cat furniture and other must-have items. These aren't your run of the mill white carpet cat trees.

They are having a grand opening celebration Sunday, October 13, 2013.

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