Dog Donates Blood, Saves Cat's Life

Dog Donates Blood, Saves Cat's Life
August 14, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

A veterinary risk in New Zealand has paid off, saving a kitty's life. Kim Edwards found her cat, Rory, fighting to stay alive after he had accidentally ingested rat poison. Rushed to the vets, Edwards was told her cat needed an immediate blood transfusion. With minutes ticking by, Edwards and her vet decided on a rare inter-species transfusion, taking blood from a black Labrador named Macy. It could save the cat's life - or kill her instantly. 

Luckily, the blood transfusion was compatible, and the brave last-minute move saved Rory's life. Rory has returned home and is back to normal. Edwards says that the vets went 'above and beyond' to help her cat. Yay for Rory and Macy!

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