Modern Cat Book Club: The Secrets of Lost Cats

Modern Cat Book Club: The Secrets of Lost Cats
October 21, 2013 by Modern Cat Magazine
Modern Cat Book Club: The Secrets of Lost Cats

The Secrets of Lost Cats
By Dr. Nancy Davidson
Published by: St. Martin’s Press New York

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When her orange tabby, Zak, disappeared, Nancy Davidson did what countless people before her had done. She made a lost cat poster. And after days of frantic searching, she found him. Nancy was ecstatic. Zak seemed happy, too—although being a cat, it was hard to tell.
Zak may have remained his old self, but Nancy had changed. From that moment on, she became acutely aware of lost cat posters. She studied their language, composition, and design. She was drawn to their folk art. Mostly, however, she was intrigued by the messages themselves—the stories behind the posters. It wasn’t long before Nancy reached out to other owners of lost and found cats to offer empathy and support.  And it wasn’t long before they confided in her and sought her advice.  That’s when Dr. Nancy, the seasoned therapist, stepped in and offered insights brought to light by her shrewd, but never self-serious analysis.  What they told her---and what she learns---forms the basis of this engaging and insightful book. 

The Secrets of Lost Cats traces the evolution of Nancy Davidson’s seven-year passion for lost cat posters. From the astonishing, almost implausible posters she encounters across the country—and indeed, the world—to the daring, dedication, and emotional complexity of the cat owners themselves, The Secrets of Lost Cats offers readers an absorbing journey that illuminates love, loss, and learning to love again, even more deeply.

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