String Bean the cat announced America's Chattiest Cat!

String Bean the cat announced America's Chattiest Cat!
January 9, 2014 by Modern Cat Magazine

Bayer’s Chatty Cat Challenge gave cat owners across the nation the chance to tell the world what their cats would say keep them healthy and happy. And the winner is… String Bean, a female, black short-haired cat who hails from Berkeley, California, where she lives with her owner, Shelly Mandel.

String Bean let the cat out of the bag by chatting about how well her owner treats her. “She's actually pretty great, serves a mean meal, knows just where on my belly and behind my ear to scratch, and brings home all the best toy mice,” wrote String Bean.

When asked what the win meant to her, String Bean didn’t hesitate to say, “Meow, meow meow meow, meow meow!”

In addition to being proclaimed “America’s Chattiest Cat,” String Bean will receive a three-year supply of Advantage® II for cats to kill fleas through contact, a premium cat carrier to travel to the vet in style, and an iPadTM mini to watch the latest viral cat videos. According to Mandel, String Bean will have to wait in line to make good use of these prizes—particularly the iPadTM mini—since she is one of four felines in the household! Mandel, who volunteers with a local nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting feral cats, notes String Bean, herself, is a rescued feral cat who quickly became accustomed to the good life!

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