Adorable Cat Cape Contest

Adorable Cat Cape Contest
November 8, 2016 by Modern Pets

Victor® is teaming up with cats to tackle the world’s rodent population. They recently announced this year’s Victor: Lindsay from Pennsylvania! See all the cathletes in action in this funny video below.

Now, Victor is calling all cat lovers to submit a cape design for their cat. You can print out and color this template here and then either scan or take a picture of the cape to upload to the contest page. Or you can use Paint or another design platform to digitally create your design on the cat cape template provided. This is a great activity to do on Caturday with your kids or for future cat fashion designers to show off their talent!
Learn more about the Victor® Games here.

Hurry! The submission period ends November 15, 2016! Once you submit your cat cape, encourage your friends and family members to vote from November 16 to December 15. The three capes with the most votes get cash prizes!

First place: $500

Second place: $300

Third place: $150

Victor® will notify the winner via the email they used to submit their cat cape. Click here to read all the contest’s rules.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pawsome designs!

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