The Cat Ladder Lets Your Cat Climb Indoors!

The Cat Ladder Lets Your Cat Climb Indoors!
March 15, 2016 by Modern Pets
Cat Ladder
Thoughtful, tasteful, durable and hand crafted in the U.S. are just some of the benefits elevating Cat Ladder Feline Furniture above other climbing and nesting products for cats. Unlike other accessories that look fun for your cat but not so great for your décor, the simple, tasteful design of Cat Ladder Feline Furniture will complement your furniture. Hand crafted in Durham, N.C., each ladder is made with solid wood rails and furniture-grade plywood steps, and comes in your choice of rich, hand-applied finishes. New for 2016 are unfinished ladders. Sturdy carpet pads with fully bound edges wrap around each step so cats get a good grip as they climb. Carpet pads attach with strong fastener strips but remove for cleaning or replacement. 
If your cats stay indoors, you know it’s important to provide ways for them to exercise and new things to pique their curiosity. Cat Ladders help you create an entertaining, stimulating environment that gives your cats an easy path to the views they've been looking for. They’ll help larger cats get to the high-up places in your home that most cat trees don’t reach – on top of a cabinet, for example, or a hard-to-reach window ledge. And they’ll make it easier for older cats to reach the places they used to be able to jump to, such as a favourite window view. From your cat’s point of view, one of the most interesting things about our ladders is that they’re designed to be moved from place to place in your home.
The ladders ship in a flat box and can be assembled in minutes with only a screwdriver. Each ladder comes with a matching mounting block that attaches to a wall, creating a stable support ledge while still allowing you to move the ladder to different locations.


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