Cat-loving Décor with NelliDesigns

Cat-loving Décor with NelliDesigns
March 1, 2016 by Modern Pets

NelliDesigns KitKat Candles $25.00

NelliDesigns candles aren’t just candles. They’re Art. Each candle features original illustrations hand drawn exclusively for NelliDesigns.

In keeping with our belief that a candle isn’t just a candle, each one also represents our love for the environment in which our pets live. So we pour each candle using all natural soy wax into recycleable glass with cotton wicks. We then use natural fragrance oils blended specifically for candles for clean burning. Each step we take is our effort to keep our grass green, waters clean and air fresh for generations of kittens to come.

Speaking of fresh air, we think rolling in grass or lazy days will smell a whole lot better than kitty’s litterbox.

Candle is 12.5oz with a burn time of 80hours.

Illustrations feature small Black & White Cats with discerning expressions checking out the Gray Mouse, or three large Charcoal Gray Cats surrounding the candle’s glass with distinctive, mischievousness. Each is perfect for any Cool Cat’s home decor.

Scented with our popular fragrance for any outdoorsy, mouse-hunting cat: Rolling in Grass offering the spring fragrance of fresh cut grass. Or for the lazy kitty preferring to lounge their day away, Lazy Days is a nice lavender fragrance

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