E-Z PASS Cat & Dog Doors

E-Z PASS Cat & Dog Doors
October 3, 2016 by Modern Pets

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Now available – exclusively through Modern Dog!

Electronic Pet Doors are safe and convenient, but until now, they’ve been way too expensive for the average homeowner to afford. Starting now, Ideal Pet Products is pleased to roll out an all new electronic door that is just as safe and just as easy to operate but at a fraction of the cost!

“Between the ingenuity of our in-house engineers and Ideal Pet’s decades of experience in the plastics and molding industry, we feel that we have created an elite electronic pet door that our customers will love.”
- Tom Schrey, President of Ideal Pet Products

Not only are E-Z PASS doors an ideal way to allow your pets (and only your pets) in and our of your home, but the line itself is far less expensive than competing electronic pet doors while delivering a comparable if not better product.

E-Z PASS Pet Doors are easy to use. Simply install the door in your home as you would any other pet door, add the small, unobtrusive sensor to the collar of your dog or cat, and you’re done, the E-Z PASS pet door will open for your pet.

Rene Gonzales, VP of Operations of Ideal Pet shared that, “The line of E-Z PASS Pet Doors features a variable range RFID sensor. They come in a 7”x 9” flap size made of unbreakable plastic.”As with all items manufactured by Ideal Pet Products, the purchase of an E-Z PASS Pet Door comes standard with a One Year Warranty. E-Z Pass Pet Doors will ship on or before Oct 15th.


For more information about Ideal Pet and the new line of E-Z Pass Pet Doors, please visit http://store.idealpetproducts.com/e-z-pass-electronic-pet-door-1/

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