Easy Pet Fence: Humane Solutions To Cat Fencing

Easy Pet Fence: Humane Solutions To Cat Fencing
September 12, 2016 by Modern Pets

Many cat owners are hesitant to allow cats the freedom to roam outside because of how difficult it can be to keep their pet contained behind a short traditional fence. This is why cat owners are turning to EasyPetFence.com to help them find reliable cat fences that will keep their pet protected from harm’s way. Located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, this e-commerce store is proud to carry quality cat fence kits and fence parts that are 100% dependable and harmless to the cat, pet owner and environment.  

The Kitty Corral Fencing System on EasyPetFence.com is offered in heights of 6’ and 7.5’ feet, much taller than a standard fence. Kitty Corrals have a virtually invisible 1.77" x 1.96" mesh design that creates an unsteady feel for a cat, making it nearly impossible for them to escape. As an added safeguard, the base of the cat fence is made from a tough 16-gauge chew-proof welded wire that will stop the cat from attempting to exit. Kitty Corral Systems are made from a durable polypropylene material that are UV-stabilized to resist all-weather elements and built to last 15-20 years.

If cat owners already have an existing fence system, they can apply Cat Containment Kits to convert 100’, 200’ and 300’ feet of fencing. Kits are available for structures over 5’ tall and include overhang extenders, ties and 4’ feet of fencing rolls. Cat Containment Kits are easy to assemble – all you’ll need to do is mount the overhang extenders to existing fence posts, or to the walls of a garage, shed, or outbuilding, and attach the fencing material.

EasyPetFence.com only offers humane do-it-yourself cat fencing solutions that can be installed without the help from professional installers in as little as one day. EasyPetFence.com does not offer electric animal fencing solutions on the website.   

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