Exceptional New Cat Food From Grizzly

Exceptional New Cat Food From Grizzly
March 3, 2017 by Modern Pets

For the past fifteen years, Grizzly Pet Products has set the standard for quality—from their national best-seller Grizzly Salmon Oil, Grizzly Pollock Oil, and Grizzly Krill Oil, to their Crunchy Wild Salmon Treats for Cats. This same unparalleled attention to quality is now evident in their new ultra-premium cat food, featuring sustainably caught, wild Alaskan salmon as the first and main ingredient.

Superior Natural Ingredients

After extensive research, Grizzly carefully selected just 7 natural ingredients, including organic coconut meal for fiber and pre-biotic support, and sprouted organic quinoa for natural vitamins. Combining these ingredients with wild Alaskan salmon provides optimum nutrition, through high levels of essential amino acids (protein) and Omega-3s—a unique, complete balanced diet for felines.

Grizzly Super Foods contain NO fillers in the form of grains, glutens, potatoes, peas or legumes, and NO synthetic ingredients, synthetic vitamins, or artificial flavorings.

Highly digestible, extremely low in carbohydrates, and with unmatched levels of essential amino acids from fish protein—Grizzly Super Food is truly the pinnacle of today’s cat nutrition.

Nutritionally Dense

Thanks to the high digestibility of wild salmon, Grizzly Super Foods are nutritionally very dense, which is further maintained through extremely gentle production methods. Feeding amounts will be considerably less compared to other premium and even super-premium foods. All varieties meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile for Growth and Maintenance.

USA Sourcing and Production

Grizzly Super Foods are manufactured in-house at our USDA-inspected and NASC-certified headquarters outside of Seattle. Our wild Alaskan salmon is sourced through proprietary relationships from select, USDA-inspected wild salmon processing plants at several locations throughout Alaska—the best way to ensure and guarantee top quality from fish to bag.

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