Have you heard of SHRU—The Intelligent Cat Companion?

Have you heard of SHRU—The Intelligent Cat Companion?
March 23, 2016 by Modern Pets


Jason and Tara O'Mara felt bad coming home to their three bored cats and dreamt up SHRU as the solution. Backed with the support of 4500 Kickstarter backers, this modern and intelligent cat companion keeps your felines occupied and entertained while you’re away from the home.

Unlike other cat toys, SHRU is a true companion designed to be your kitty’s longtime friend. This egg-shaped toy automatically responds to your cat’s play by mimicking a small animal’s erratic movement and sound, and you can configure it to operate in different play modes and make different cute sounds to keep kitty on her toes. SHRU automatically turns on throughout the day to pique kitties’ interest, rolls away from kitty swats, and struggles when trapped, providing a true hunting experience for your indoor cat.

SHRU is rechargeable with a USB cable that comes in the package so you never have to go searching for batteries again. Darrel Etherington of TechCrunch called SHRU, “A small price to pay for what could potentially provide eternal enjoyment for your bored domestic animal”, and we wholeheartedly agree.

You can order SHRU for your own kitty at getSHRU.com. Get worldwide free shipping on your SHRU order before August 31, 2016 using promo code: Ship2MyModernCat.

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