Having Awesome Cat Furniture is Not Enough…

Having Awesome Cat Furniture is Not Enough…
October 19, 2017 by Modern Pets

Cats can now be found in about 35% of all households in the US, with 2 cats on average in those homes.  For the many indoor-only cats, they typically lead a much less active lifestyle than their outdoor counterparts.   But worry not! There are creative ways to increase feline activity, provide mental stimulation and keep your indoor cat happy and fit .

In nature, wild cats enjoy exploring, hunting and surveying their territory, making sure all is well. The question is how can we encourage this same natural instinct in an indoor space?   Planning areas in your home that are interesting, and engaging for your cat is the goal, however keeping these spaces aesthetically pleasing for us humans is often an obstacle.  When the appeal of carpet-covered cat trees and shredded cardboard scratching boards has worn thin, cat lovers crave an alternative. Fortunately, the cat-products industry has answered this need with some exciting offerings.

Catswall Design has stepped up with unique furniture for cats in a well-crafted, contemporary style. Enhancing your decor AND entertaining your cat can be one in the same!  Catwall’s CurvyNest is a great example. Unlike anything else on the market, CurvyNest is thoughtfully designed with sinuous curves, fashioned from curved wood and woven mesh. At first glance, it can be considered a piece of sculpture. In fact it is a functional feline sculpture, bringing style and flair to your living space! The curved contour fits cat bodies perfectly. It’s a great place for cats to perch and enjoy some private space - or climb, chase and interact with other cats in the household. The gentle bouncing movement adds another level of interest as cats jump on, off and in-between the curves.

Providing vertical space and scratching surfaces are also essential to extract the instinctual, natural cat behavior required to keep indoor cats healthy. Catswall Design’s US distributor, shopmeoow.com has got this covered with products like the Spiral CatStaircase and Modular CatsWall System, both worth checking out. These innovative products can be found in many shelter organizations, pet hotels and cat cafes around the country, but they are equally well-suited for our at-home cat playgrounds!

But even with the finest cat furniture, the ideal house-cat environment doesn’t end there. You must have great cat toys too! Playing with your cat is essential to maximize their experience and encourage exercise. Too often, it is easy to overlook this vital interaction. Wand toys are perhaps the best way for us to get into cat-play mode. The CatTail Teaser is an extendable cat wand with strands of hand-braided faux suede that draws out a cat’s hunting instinct. The braided teaser holds up better than most feather toys and is challenging for cats to grasp and catch, often sliding through their outstretched paws. This wand extends from 10” to over 40” allowing us to pique our pet’s curiosity without even leaving the couch – but get off the couch, it’s much more fun and keeps us healthy too!

As a responsible cat companion, it’s our obligation to keep them healthy and safe, ideally by providing a well-planned indoor space. As their guardians, making that a fulfilling lifestyle is the best way to reciprocate our love for the pleasure they bring us. 

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