Healthy Kitty Is Making Cat Care Easy!

Healthy Kitty Is Making Cat Care Easy!
March 29, 2016 by Modern Pets

Healthy Kitty

You love spending time with your cat, but certain necessary activities don't always bring out her best side! Grooming and giving your pet health care can cause overexcitement and stress, which may cause you to procrastinate and dread doing them. Why not make those times something you look forward to? The Healthy Kitty is here to help keep the good times rolling thanks to their Kitty Care Harness.

The Kitty Care Harness is a gentle yet effective restraint that helps to keep your cat calm while also keeping you protected from injury. By safely limiting your cat's range of motion it gives you some much needed control. Its superior access and ease of use makes it second to none. Made of padded neoprene that calms as it hugs at key pressure points, it never puts any stress on your cat's neck making it perfect for grooming, nail trimming, administering medications, or general care.

Invented, designed, and developed by a U.S. Army Veteran and manufactured using the highest quality standards to withstand years of use. The harness is adjustable to fit cats and small dogs from 7 to 21lbs. Get the help you and your cat need today and live a happier, healthier life. You and your cat will celebrate the amazing benefits that only Healthy Kitty can bring you. Get yours today and save using promo code MODERN CAT.

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