How To Clean Your Litter-Robot

How To Clean Your Litter-Robot
May 16, 2016 by Modern Pets

It is important to keep your Litter-Robot clean for the health of your cat and longevity of the unit. The Litter-Robot is made with standard plastics and the liner is made out of PVC. Simply wiping it down with a damp paper towel will keep your unit looking new and clean. It is recommended you deep clean your Litter-Robot about twice per year as well.
To complete a thorough cleaning of your Litter-Robot you will need mild soap, a cleaning brush or sponge, disinfectant, a hose, and a vacuum. You should never use harsh chemicals, such as bleach, on the Litter-Robot as this can corrode the metal parts. The cleaning can be completed in a tub, outside or at a self-serve car wash. 
Remove all litter from the Litter-Robot first, and then disassemble the unit. Remove the Bonnet, Globe, and Waste Drawer so that you can vacuum out any remaining litter granules. The Carbon Filter should be removed from the Waste Drawer and rinsed out or replaced.
Using mild soap and a sponge, thoroughly wash the Globe and Waste Drawer. The Bonnet and Base should not be soaked because they contain electronics. Instead, use a cloth with disinfectant to carefully clean these items.
Allow all parts of the Litter-Robot to dry completely. If it isn’t dry, the litter will clump prematurely and may get clogged in the ports or litter pocket. Once everything is dry you can begin to reassemble the unit. Place the carbon filter in the Waste Drawer, insert the Waste Drawer back into the Base and replace the Globe and Bonnet. Install a Waste Drawer liner, add litter, plug in and power the unit. Once it completes the initialization cycle, your Litter-Robot is ready for use.

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