Luxury Cat Toys From Sugarboy's Fiber Creations

Luxury Cat Toys From Sugarboy's Fiber Creations
March 20, 2017 by Modern Pets

A knitter for more than 30 years, I dreamed of spending my days working with fiber. Thanks to my three cats, Poni, Mowgli and Beemer, I pursued that passion by developing products they showed an interest in, namely, anything made with alpaca fiber and/or wool. 

We create high quality, luxury fiber toys and accessories for cats and dogs. Our creations are hand-made of high quality natural materials, focusing on functionality, durability, and style. These handcrafted toys and accessories provide hours of fun and enjoyment. Our varied material and color selection and color ensures that you not only satisfy your pet’s need for play and relaxation, but also indulge your own desire for pretty, stylish accents. 

Many of our products use locally sourced Virginia alpaca fiber.  Why alpaca?  It provides lightweight luxury and comfort year-round, providing cooling properties in the summer and warming in the cooler months. It’s especially comforting to arthritic companions. The cats bask in it every time I use it during the production process; they simply can’t get enough of it.

Many of the toys are hand felted. The extensive selection of balls are favorites with both cats and dogs, and are available in sizes from .25 to 4 ounces, in an array of colors, with and without bells inside.  Hand felted alpaca forms the core, with a Corriedale sheep’s wool exterior.  They are machine washable and long-lasting.  We can even infuse these balls with catnip for the feline in your life.  What’s not to love?

We also offer products for dogs, including custom knit sweaters. Check out our full line of beds, toys, clothing and other pet accessories at

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