Neko Flies Cat Toys and UJI Tunnel System at Vancouver’s First Cat Café

Neko Flies Cat Toys and UJI Tunnel System at Vancouver’s First Cat Café
February 23, 2016 by Modern Pets

Nearly every week, Catfé, a contemporary, beautifully designed cat café in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, welcomes a new band of feline guests.

In the two months since its opening, Catfé, the city’s first cat café, has helped more than 40 homeless cats find new homes. Owner Michelle Furbacher said most cats are adopted in just a few days thanks to a steady stream of prospective adopters.

Helping cats feel comfortable and confident enough to bond with café visitors is an important part of making Catfé a success. Furbacher said she’s very choosy about selecting premium, durable furniture and fittings that look great and function well for people and felines alike.

Catfé recently accepted a $500 toy donation from Nekochan Enterprises, a maker of award-winning, premium cat toys and pet products based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Nekochan recently debuted its newest innovation, the UJI Tunnel play system.

Nekochan toys fit with the café’s philosophy and have added an extra dimension of bonding between human and feline guests, Furbacher said.

“We love the UJI Tunnels and Neko Flies interactive cat toys, because they are an important way to help us bridge interaction between café guests and cats,” Furbacher said. “Playtime is an important part of the bonding process for cats and people.

“We have UJI Tunnels in the center of the café, and the cats love to romp and play in them—and maybe take an afternoon nap inside,” Furbacher said, adding that the neutral design of UJI Tunnel blends with the café’s modern, cat-friendly décor.

Furbacher said UJI Tunnels help cats feel more at home in their new surroundings, when they are first introduced to the café. New cats hide out in the UJI Tunnel, peeking out of its multiple peepholes until they feel safe enough to venture out and make friends with guests, she said.

The UJI Tunnel is a design-your-own tunnel system for playful, pampered cats. UJI Tunnel has three interlocking shapes (U, J and I) that can be purchased individually or combined together to create more than 20 different play combinations.

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