Poetry From Scratch

Poetry From Scratch
November 8, 2016 by Modern Pets

Cats are amazing poets. We all know this. Aloof, introspective, observant. All key character traits shared by the world's greatest poets. But so few cat voices are ever heard in the publishing world. Who has room to publish new cat poets when there are poetry books by Neruda, Dickinson, and Whitman to republish ad nauseum?

That's why Jen McCartney's new book, Poetry From Scratch, is so important. With more than 50 original cat poems it gives a voice to all those struggling cat poets out there. Cats who just want to write about joyful sunbeams, chasing mice, or lament the lack of food in their dish. All important cat issues. All found here for the first time. If you're a cat lover like I am, I highly recommend purchasing this book (and a few for your cat loving friends). Inside you'll find haiku, free verse, limericks, and even classic poems rewritten by cats ("Two Rodents Diverged in a Wood"). Be entertained, have a laugh, and marvel at how talented our furry friends really are. But you already knew that, right?

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