A Round Of Apaws: Pet Brands Gather for the Industry's Largest Annual Trade Show

A Round Of Apaws: Pet Brands Gather for the Industry's Largest Annual Trade Show
March 9, 2017 by Modern Pets

Pet brands from around the world will gather for Global Pet Expo (GPE), March 22 - March 24, at the Orange County Convention Center, where over 3,000 products will debut. Presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), this year’s show will also host over 150 companies who are exhibiting for the first time.       
Ranked as one of the top 100 trade shows by Trade Show Executive Magazine, GPE will feature 13 football fields’ worth of pet products. More than 1,000 companies will showcase the latest and greatest products for every walk of life, ranging from dogs and cats, to fish and reptiles. The show, which has seen tremendous growth in recent years, will include new sections, like the “International Pavilion,” “Natural Pet”, “What’s New”, plus many more!

With categories ranging from food and treats, to lifestyle products and beyond, take a sneak peek at the coolest products the pet industry has to offer. This year’s standout attendees include:

Barkworthies (Booth #457)
Made with real meat, plus superfood ingredients like blueberries, carrots and pumpkin, the new Superfood Jerky treats for dogs help support muscle growth and development. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, they also support the digestive system, as well as promote anti-inflammation and dental health. The new line is available in a variety of delicious flavors that dogs will love.

Caru Pet Food (Booth #745)
Caru Free Range Chicken Bone Broth for dogs and cats is cooked in small batches with 100-percent human grade, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and produced in a human grade facility in the United States. It’s formulated without artificial colors, flavors, added hormones, anitbiotics, or preservatives and is packed in Tetra Pak cartons. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the freshness, homemade quality and flavor of this unique liquid treat can be protected without preservatives of any kind.

Bravo Pet Foods (Booth #820)
Bravo’s Pork Roll chews for dogs are 100-percent all-natural and are made in a human grade facility from premium oven-baked pork skin. These handy snacks for healthy chewing are offered in two sizes – 5” and 10” – and are individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

Gold Paw Series (Booth #1016)
The Santa Fe Pullover for dogs is made from natural-fiber-based materials, including bamboo rayon and organic cotton. This fashion-forward style has a cowl neck collar and includes all of the supreme comfort of the brand's popular Stretch Fleece. Plus, it encompasses benefits that make it sustainable, renewable and anti-static!

Holistic Health Extension (Booth #1543)
Debuting their bold, new award-winning packaging, Holistic Health Extension’s fresh look helps convey the company’s “for a healthy life” philosophy. Also worth checking out is the new Large Bites formula for large breed dogs. The Chicken & Brown Rice Large Bites Recipe is loaded with highly nutritious ingredients, like deboned chicken, New Zealand Green Mussel and glucosamine, plus prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Angel Pet Supplies (Booth #3017)
The manufacturer of fine leather collars has teamed up with a California-based artist to create Angel Inked, a one-of-a-kind line of tattoo-inspired dog collars. Five designs are available in the collection, which uses laser-printing to transfer the artwork onto the collars.

Swees (Booth #3180)
NEW COMPANY ALERT: Swees America Inc. is known internationally for their acclaimed deshedding and grooming system that’s debuting in the United States. The Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush deshedding tool for dogs and cats is a safer, gentler and more stylish grooming alternative.
Unlike ordinary metal deshedding tools, the Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush features a composite plastic comb with smooth, rounded teeth. The head and contoured handle are precisely balanced and users can adjust the deshedding comb depth for either short or long hair by simply sliding a button.

H&C Animal Health (Booth #3313)
Introducing Catego, the first fast-acting flea and tick topical parasiticide made specifically for cats. Catego kills fleas and ticks within 6 hours and breaks the flea and tick lifecycle by killing them before they have the chance to bite. The patented applicator makes it easy to apply and minimizes the risk of skin abrasion.
Feliway is the clinically proven pheromone solution to help reduce or eliminate a wide range of stress behavior issues in cats, such as: urine spraying, tension and conflict in multi-cat homes, vertical scratching, and excessive vocalizations.

Imperial Cat (Booth #3824)
The Nifty Scratch ‘n Shape features a unique design and honeycomb surface that mimics the feel of tree bark (a texture cats love). The contoured surface is great for lounging too. Made in the USA from recycled paper, it comes complete with a bag of 100-percent certified organic catnip.

The Company of Animals (Booth #4553)
The world-famous Pet Head brand is now available exclusively through The Company of Animals. From soothing shampoos, stylish sprays and cool conditioners, Pet Head offers consumers an amazing range of ways to spiff up their pets!

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