SkratchKabin is the #1 Choice of the Coolest Cat Owners

SkratchKabin is the #1 Choice of the Coolest Cat Owners
February 26, 2016 by Modern Pets

It seems like cat ownership is increasing among millennials (ages 18-34). A recent study by Purina showed that over half of millennials, owned a cat. Not only do they own a cat, but they consider their cat a friend, one they can binge watch Netflix and drink wine with. The study also revealed that 88 percent considered themselves similar to their cat and 57 percent considered their feline friends just as important as their actual friends.

So c’mon, are you part of this growing group of passionate cat owners? Part of this group who are throwing birthday parties for their cats, spending hours taking the perfect photo for their cat’s Instagram, and making special trips to cat cafes? And of course, spending on your cat?  According to the National Pet Owners Survey 66 percent of cat owners buy toys for their cats and 50 percent of those toy-buyers purchase an interactive toy, like a scratching post…but we know not just any old scratching post will do.  Let’s face it, that ‘thing’ could very well end up being in countless YouTube videos and social media posts, your image is on the line here.  Make sure people know just how cool of a cat owner you are.  Be in the know, not on the slow.

In case you’ve not yet heard, the SkratchKabin® is not just any scratching device…it’s so much more.  It has a scratching surface on the outside, (available in multiple colors…because options, we know you love options) an interactive sisal mouse that hangs from the opening, and perhaps even most appealing is the modern enclosed design that provides a cozy, private cat sanctuary for when they’ve had enough of your selfies.

The SkratchKabin is specially designed with a unique textured exterior to deter scratching on your roommate’s furniture and comes with a removable and washable KatKushion. With feline-shaped ends and three gorgeous colors including Blueberry, Oatmeal and Cocoa Bean, the SkratchKabin complements any décor or lack there of.

Final review: the SkratchKabin is the #1 choice of the coolest cat owners yet.  

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