The Story Behind the EZ-Groomer Comb

The Story Behind the EZ-Groomer Comb
February 27, 2017 by Modern Pets

The EZ-Groomer Comb was created out of a serendipitous occurrence. Ken Ticehurst went steelhead fishing on a river that runs out of the mountains surrounding Whistler, the famous ski resort. This was in late March, well past the time that the river was filled with spawning chum salmon. As he walked from pool to pool, Ken noticed that the river bank was littered with salmon jaw bones. Thinking they looked quite interesting, he picked up a few and put them in his vest pocket.

One jaw bone sat on top of his refrigerator for months and then one day Ken thought he would scratch his cat's back with one of the larger teeth. He broke out the big, curved front tooth and dragged it through his cat's coat. He was absolutely astonished by how well just one tooth removed so much undercoat. It had an interesting pulling feeling, and it wasn't very long before Ken had a handful of undercoat in my hand!

Ken then felt compelled to make a grooming tool. This comb is a classic example of nature as a model for structure and tools. He  and then proceeded to develop a 5 tooth mold and a 7 tooth mold. The teeth are a different color than the comb body, giving these durable undercoat rakes a classy look.

Do your pet a favor, get one!

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