Why Is It So Important For Your Cat To Chill Out Up High?

Why Is It So Important For Your Cat To Chill Out Up High?
May 6, 2016 by Modern Pets



Climbing, jumping, and napping up high are not just due to your cat’s random feel-good behavior. The need to be up high is instinctual. Cats are tree-climbing mammals. Early cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skillfully, escaping into trees for safety or climbing to lie in wait for prey.
Nowadays, cats who live indoors are safer than their outside cousins, but they often become bored and gain weight. There are however ways to avoid it. Vertical territory with perches at different heights inspires cats to jump and climb and provides hours of entertainment.

The CHILL Cat Shelf from COSY AND DOZY gives the cat a better vantage point. From that location, the cat can survey his 'realm' and be more aware of the activities of people and other pets. If a cat is anxious or afraid, the CHILL Cat Shelf may get him further away from the cause of his anxiety (e.g.; pesky dog or small children).

Another crucial benefit is temperature. Because heat rises, CHILL Cat Shelf can become a cozy place especially on cold winter days. Cats love to stretch out and lounge on it. Therefore, it’s best if you place the shelf near household furniture so that it is easy for the kitty to climb or jump up on them.

The CHILL Cat Shelf will not only make use of the vertical space in your home, it is also really chic. The curved wooden surface is perfect for cradling your kitty and the soft cushion is fastened on so it won’t budge. The shelves are available in your choice of maple, walnut and wenge finished with a range of neutral cushion covers.

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