The World of Cat Litter Will Never Be The Same

The World of Cat Litter Will Never Be The Same
October 17, 2016 by Modern Pets

See what cat lovers are purring about.
You love your cat, but not the unpleasant smells that come from cat litter. We’re totally with you on this one. The good news is that not all cat litters are created equal, and we discovered one that provides unparalleled odour control: OdourLock Ultra Premium cat litter.

A year’s worth of free litter
We came across the product since the brand is inviting cat lovers to enter their OdourLock “40-DAY CHALLENGE” contest for the chance to win FREE litter for a year. Plus, they’re sending everyone a $3 OFF OdourLock coupon just for entering!

The OdourLock revolution is here
The OdourLock revolution is here. Created by Intersand®, promises to contribute to cleaner homes and happier cats, and we tend to agree. We’re impressed by the fact that it’s the only cat litter on the market able to prevent the formation of ammonia, thus neutralizing unpleasant smells for up to 40 days! Not bad, right?

OdourLock is better for you, your cat and the environment. Here’s why:
- It has patented (and proven!) ammonia-blocking technology, which is a major benefit because ammonia can cause health complications in cats and in their owner’s lungs.

- It’s 99.9% dust-free, which contributes to a cleaner home and is better for your cat’s respiratory system.It’s all natural, made from pure clay, which is 100% fragrance-free and provides a safe, non-toxic environment for your cat.

- There’s less waste. Because of its super hard and smaller clumps, there is less waste. It can reduce your annual litter use by over 45% compared to the leading litter brand.

Intersand®, experts in smart pet care solutions
Intersand® is a world leader in high-quality cat litters, dedicated to simplifying and improving animal hygiene through innovation. It’s in their DNA - always finding new ways of changing the lives of cat owners and their cats for the better—all while trying to minimize their ecological footprint. From excellent liquid absorption to odour control, Intersand® cat litters really perform.

To get $3 OFF a bag of OdourLock, sign up for the “40-DAY CHALLENGE” contest today. You can learn more about OdourLock by checking out or by following @intersand on Facebook.

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