Your New Fave Thing: Cat Sticker Club

Your New Fave Thing: Cat Sticker Club
March 10, 2016 by Modern Pets

Cat Sticker Club

Fact: Cat stickers make everything better. Especially cute cat stickers that surprise you in the mail.

That’s the thinking behind newly launched Cat Sticker Club, which for $3.50 a month sends an adorable cat sticker to your mailbox. Put it on your travel mug, laptop, fridge, or cubicle wall and just TRY not to smile!

Founder Kelly Hinkle is a professed cat convert, being allergic but moving in with a cat-loving fiancé who is the human to two cats, Howie and Dilly (who quickly won her over). She wanted to start something simple that would make people happy—and judging by the adorable re-grams on the Cat Sticker Club Instagram page, she’s succeeded.

With original artwork by a different sticker artist every month, the club keeps things fresh and unexpected. (Cat Sticker Club pays its artists well and is currently looking for more artists too, so get in touch here.) Designs so far include kitties with yarn, donuts, and pizza. It’s safe to assume if you love it, it’ll show up on a future cat sticker!

As if you needed another reason to sign up, Cat Sticker Club donates 10% of profits to cat shelters and rescues, so neglected kitties can find loving homes. Aww.

Once you join and start getting stickers in the mail, post a pic on Instagram or Twitter of wherever you put your cat stickers and tag it with the hashtag #catstickerclub. (Cat presence in the photo is totally optional.) You never know; it could get regrammed for the Cat Sticker Club fanbase to enjoy, earning your kitty temporary fame!

Learn more at Cat Sticker Club's website and join the community on social media sites here:


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