The Big Bang

The Big Bang
August 14, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

If your kitty is scared of fireworks, she's not alone. Multnomah County Animal Services reports that there is a 25% increase in lost animals that find their way to the shelter throughout fireworks season. That's why they are highlighting their reunion services and the importance of fireworks safety. Check with your local animal control provider about reunion services during this busy time!

We here at Modern Cat want to make sure that your feline friend makes it through the season with no problems, so here are our top tips!

  • make sure your pet's microchip is up to date (licence too, if applicable)
  • consider putting a breakaway collar with your details on (our buds at Modern Dog have some quick tags you can print off and use)
  • if you're heading out to the fireworks, make sure all your windows are shut (even the top floor!)
  • if you're at home with your cat, be prepared for lots of loving pets, soothing words, and maybe a treat or two
  • if your kitty hides, periodically check in to make sure they are okay, but don't try to coax them out

Also, if you know kitty has huge issues with fireworks, put them in a closed, cool room with some toys, bedding and a litterbox prior to the start of festivities. Leave a radio playing to muffle the sound, and make sure they have a place to hide. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

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