The Cat Did It

The Cat Did It
April 1, 2023 by Modern Cat Magazine

This is a story that brings a smile to our animal-loving (and kitten-adoring) hearts.

Koko is one smart gorilla who was taught sign language by Dr. Penny Patterson out of The Gorilla Foundation. She is world-reknown for her ability to communicate through sign language with a vocabulary of over 1000 words. Once Koko learned to communicate, she asked her trainers for a kitten as a present. Clearly Koko is awesome. 

Apparently, one day, when no humans were present, someone ripped a sink out of the wall of Koko's habitat, and when the humans returned, Koko explained what happened by signing the phrase "cat did it" and pointing at her tiny kitten. We've all been there, Koko. 

The kitten who took the fall for that mess is no longer with Koko, but she has since made new kitten friends. Check out this adorable video of Koko getting a new kitten


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