Cute Kitten Alert: Meet Wasabi-chan

Cute Kitten Alert: Meet Wasabi-chan
January 27, 2023 by Modern Cat Magazine

Want to meet the cutest thing on the internet today?
When @jessiepon heard a tiny kitten being attacked by crows outstide her window, she likely didn't imagine that internet stardom was just around the corner. She likely didn't think much past simply the need to get the small cat to the vet. After having her face and mouth eaten by crows, the cat (now named Wasabi-chan) was unable to eat by herself and instead had to be fed via catheter inserted directly into her stomach. <<Enter grandmother extraordinaire>> To combat the fight at feeding time, @jessiepon's grandmother began crocheting body socks to reduce the risk of injury when inserting the catheter. And a star is born!

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