Emergency Planning With Your Kitty

Emergency Planning With Your Kitty
June 26, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

Many organizations, like FEMA and Public Safety Canada, encourage you to prepare an emergency evacuation kit in the event of a major disaster.  It's a good idea to prepare for the emergency evacuation of your cat as well.  Here's what we've got in our bags for our feline friends!

First, we checked to make sure that kitty's carrier is in good working order and is easy for us to carry. (If your cat carrier has seen better days, we love this one from Bergan.)  In a separate bag, we've tucked a bag of our cat's favourite food (she's addicted to her Royal Canin) and some kitty treats from Pet Naturals of Vermont. We then added a bottle of water, plus one of the collapsible travel cups from Popware for Pets. Rounding off our emergency supplies is a disposable litter tray from Katpack, a small bag of litter and a few small cat toys. This all fits inside a small tote.  

Be sure to check that your cat's identification (microchipping and collar, if your cat will wear one) is taken care of, and make a note of your vet's office, plus any allergies or medications you might need (be sure to have medications and prescriptions in your emergency kit if your cat needs them). Finally, you might consider a pet registry, like Pettoo, to provide additional resources in case your cat bolts in a stressful emergency situation. Emergencies always make us want to protect the ones we love, including our pets; having a plan will help your peace of mind.

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