How To Get Your Cat To Stop Waking You At Night

How To Get Your Cat To Stop Waking You At Night
May 28, 2013 by Modern Cat Magazine
How To Get Your Cat To Stop Waking You At Night

Are you a loving cat caretaker with serious bags under your eyes? Did you wake up at the crack of dawn to cater to a tiny, furry dictator? Here are our strategies for sweeter sleeps for you, you hard working cat parent!

  1. Schedule dinner and play time - stop free-feeding your cat, and serve three meals: breakfast, dinner and dessert (divide the daily food allowance for your cat into halves, and reserve a small portion for "dessert"). You can make the dessert menu an especially tasty treat, or just their standard food allowance. In the evening, serve dinner, and then play with your kitty for 10 minutes.  Follow up with a quick groom, and then serve dessert. Too complicated? Playtime first, then serve dinner. 
  2. Wait to serve breakfast in the morning - don't ever get up out of bed and immediately serve the cat. Have coffee, shower, walk the dog - don't connect you getting out of bed with kitty getting fed. 
  3. Give your cat rich, full days - tire your cat out with scratchers, perches and toys. Be sure that you've scheduled some time for you guys to play and exercise. If you leave your cat alone during the day, be sure that your house is well equipped to keep your cat occupied during the day.
  4. Don't forget the obvious - has your cat been to the vet and got a clean bill of health recently? You scooped the litter box today? Don't forget that cats can need reassurance and love, especially after traumatic experiences or changes. Don't forget to cuddle them!

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