The Kitten Cam!

The Kitten Cam!
December 3, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

Say goodbye to productivity and hello to the Looney Tune foster kittens who are featured on this 24 hour livestream feed. You can watch mom Hazel and her kittens Penelope, Taz, Sylvester, and Marvin going about their days sleeping, playing, and whatever else they can think to do. Foster Dad John shares his adventures of raising foster kittens and gets them ready for adoption (all cats and kittens featured will be adopted out when they are old enough in the Seattle area) and it is a great way supplement your daily kitten-watching needs. While the kittens are sleeping you can browse through the history of the feed and also check out highlights of particularly amusing adventures! Born July 23, 2013 these new kittens are learning everything they can and it is easy to lose track of time watching them play. After these cats go on to find their forever homes, Foster Dad John gets new kittens and starts the whole journey over again!

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