Lil Bub - Not A Hat Girl

Lil Bub - Not A Hat Girl
February 2, 2023 by Modern Cat Magazine

It's Monday, so let's ease into the day with one kitty cute bomb Lil Bub. This foxy feline has been making the rounds, starring in a documentary and writing her first book, despite some health challenges that got Bub's dude, Mike Bridavsky, to study Reiki in hopes of improving her health (good news everybody - it worked!). Lil Bub recently met with a psychic to give us a better look into her psyche. The psychic, Christine Agro, reports that Lil Bub is on a mission to bring happiness to the world, but she has her limits. Agro reports that Lil Bub, although possessed of a great sense of humour, doesn't want to wear little hats.

Fine with us Bub - you're cute enough as is.

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