No Kill Nation - Tuesday, June 11

No Kill Nation - Tuesday, June 11
April 1, 2023 by Modern Cat Magazine

It's a great day for animals in America. Thousands of lives will be saved today, thanks to an initiative spearheaded by the Animal Ark No Kill Shelter and the No Kill Advocacy Center. They've created a No Kill Nation for Just One Day.

Every day, roughly 10,000 animals lose their lives in U.S. shelters. By coming together, the Just One Day campaign is trying to reduce that to zero. Shelters are staying open longer to do more adoptions. And others are offering deep discounts on adoption fees. Today , "euthanasia" technicians all over the USA will put down their syringes. Instead, they will pick up cameras, cell phones and video cameras. Rather than injecting savable animals with fatal doses of sodium pentobarbital, they will take pictures and videos of them. They will post them on the Internet, on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of going out the back of the shelter in body bags, animals will go home into the loving arms of new families. 

We at Modern Cat absolutely support this great project, and hope that our dedicated cat lovers will do their part to spread the word about the No Kill Nation to their networks as well. The organizers of the event estimate that over 10,000 animals will be saved from euthanisia this year (over 9,000 were saved in 2012), which is absolutely fantastic. 

Learn more about the No Kill Movement in this video from the No Kill Advocacy Center. 

With so many great organizations involved, here is a link round-up for reference.

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