Penny and Lyle Test the FroliCat Dart Duo [Video]

Penny and Lyle Test the FroliCat Dart Duo [Video]
April 1, 2023 by Modern Cat Magazine

It took both Penny and Lyle no time at all to figure out the source of these laser beams, but that didn't stop them from enjoying the FroliCat Dart Duo. Admittedly, these two are the smarter, more wily, hunters of the bunch, but the noise the toy makes (it isn't loud, but there is a noise) scared off my other cats who might have fallen for its tricks.

The random rotating feature really did lure the cats in, and it kept them well-entertained as long as I had it on. The operating instructions warn about the danger of the laser affecting both cat and human eyes, but the angle of projection on the lasers (combined with the cats' natural curiosity) made it an inevitablity that the laser would shine in their eyes at some point. Something to consider, for sure. 

The FroliCat Dart gets points for absolute ease of setup (just pop batteries in and go), and for style (the sleek machine won't junk up your space), but loses points for the noise the toy makes while in operation, and the laser-in-the-eye potential. 

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