Keep your cat close while on the go!

Keep your cat close while on the go!

The Fundle is a unique carrying sling-style case that allows you to keep your cat close when you are taking him out. It is designed so your cat can sit comfortably in the bag and poke his head out of the top of case so he is free to look around! There is a clip that attaches to your cat's collar, so he will remain secure while he is free to pop his head out. It also features a mesh panel that zips onto the top if you need to keep your cat securely inside the case. The carrier also has a side zipper pocket so you can reach in and give him calming pets! This carrier is great for a cat who likes to stay close to you when you are travelling.

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<p>I like this color, which one is it? Maybe it&#39;s just the lighting but it looks grey-ish to me. Could it be the beige one?</p>
Thu, 10/10/2013 - 07:14

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