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Cat Life
Halloween Cat

Autumn Cats

Autumn is the most wonderful season of the year! Outside, the leaves begin to turn red and gold, and there's that magical nip in the air. These kitties are making the most of this romantic season, whether they are playing in the fallen leaves, basking in the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, or simply cuddling up in blankets and flannels. more
Star Cat

Meet Our Star Cat Winner!

The votes are in and the winner is.... more

Playful Cats

These playful kitties sure love their toys! more

Colourful Cats

Add some colour to your day with these colourful cats! more
Adopt your BFF

Best Friends Animal Society Survey Exposes Why People Opt to Adopt—or Not

Best Friends has declared this season the “Summer to Save Them All” more

Dances With Cats

New opera weaves magic with melange of ballet, opera, burlesque, and animal characters more

What's in a Name?

A cat by any other name would be as sweet - check out the stories and cute tidbits behind these cats' names! more

Tiny, Adorable Babies

Sometimes you just need to sit back, take a break, and look at pictures of tiny little baby kitties. If this is one of those times for you, check out these adorable teeny babies . more
Tech catz

Tech Savvy Cats

Our world is becoming increasingly tech-dependent, and everyone needs to be at their computers, televisions, or iPhones! These tech savvy kitties don't appear to be an exception.   more
Cat Cuddles

Cats That Have a PhD in Napping

These little angels are drifting off to dreamland! more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears