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Cat Life
Halloween Cat


Calling all cat lovers! The event of the year is upon us: the second annual CatConLA—think Comic-Con but for cat people—will be taking place in Los Angeles,...more
Easter Cat

Everything Your Cat Needs To Celebrate Easter

Easter Bunny Approved Goodies more
Video: Cat + Shark Costume + Robot Vacuum

Video: Cat + Shark Costume + Robot Vacuum

How could you NOT look? more
St. Patrick's Day

Go Green this St. Patrick's Day

Envy-inducing festive and eco-friendly products more
Purina Survey

Cats Create Connections

Your cat could be your ticket to love this Valentine's Day more
Litter Boxes

That's a Litter Box?

Litter Boxes So Cute You'll Forget Their Function more
Best friends animal society

Find Lasting Love This Valentine's Day!

Find love by adopting a pet this Valentine's Day more
Instagram Cat


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Art for Cat Lovers

Irresistible Cat-Themed Art!

Find the purrfect cat themed work or art for you and your home! more
The Complete Crazy-Chic Cat Lady Guide


Cat obsessed? Grab these loud-and-proud feline-enthusiast essentials! more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears