Connie's Book Club—Fall Winter 2017

Connie's Book Club

Connie's Book Club

The Persian Always Meows Twice: A Cat Groomer

By Eileen Watkins

Mystery lovers will want to sink their teeth into this one! Professional cat groomer Cassie McGlone’s business is booming. Her salon is filled with four-legged clients, and she has even earned the business of millionaire George DeLeuw, who brings in his beautiful Persian, Harpo, for grooming. But when Cassie makes a house call to George’s mansion, she discovers his murdered body next to the newly orphaned Harpo. As the local police attempt to find the killer, Cassie begins her own investigation and notices that there is something odd about the attention Harpo is getting—someone seems extremely fixed on getting their hands on the Persian cat. Is Harpo the key to unravelling this mystery? As a cat lover and groomer, can Cassie find out the truth? This excellent mystery debut from Eileen Watkins will make your pulse race!

The Astonishing Thing

By Sandi Ward

This heartwarming and insightful book, told from the perspective of bright and loving cat Boo, follows the story of Boo’s family, which is suddenly thrown into disarray when Boo’s human mother, Carrie, abruptly leaves the rest of the family. Boo is of course concerned about regular cat worries, such as who will fill her cat dish, but also wants to understand what is happening to her family and why. It will perhaps take Boo herself to help the family make it through their issues, and to finally make things right! This touching tale provides a sensitive and perceptive look into the intricacies of marriage and family life, as seen through the unique perspective of the family cat.

Private Eyes

By Rene Fomby

Join Moose, a plucky Australian Terrier, in a race against the clock as he tries to save his best friend, a Pit Bull named Killer, from being wrongly convicted and euthanized for the grisly death of his girlfriend. With zero leads and time running out, Moose has no one to turn to but Antonio Gattogrosso, the infamous Maine Coon cat private investigator known as Fat Tony.
Moose and Tony are joined by cats and dogs alike as they traipse across Chicago in search of evidence to free Killer. Breed and species stereotypes are challenged in this quirky tale that is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat—sometimes in suspense and other times in laughter! This mystery is a fast-paced romp with so many unique and well-rounded characters, you’ll forget they are all animals—we know we did!

Total Cat Mojo

By Jackson Galaxy

Do you understand your kitty’s Cat Mojo? What does that even mean? According to Jackson Galaxy, animal behaviourist and host of Animal Planet’s hit show “My Cat From Hell,” cat mojo is the confidence that cats exhibit when they are at ease in their environment and in touch with their natural instincts. But how can you begin to comprehend this mojo, and how do you help your cat harness that groove? Find out in Total Cat Mojo, Jackson Galaxy's new, comprehensive cat care guide that shows how to eliminate feline behavioural problems by understanding your cat's motivations. With this smart and witty manual, your kitty will have the strength to get his mojo on, and will become the groovy, at-ease kitty he was born to be!

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