DIY Projects

DIY Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats

Check out these DIY Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats via Design Sponge and her pal Joy the Baker. Made with no-salt added tuna, oat flour, and catnip, these treats are...more

DIY Corrugated Cat Scratching Bed

This Corrugated Cat Bed is a simple DIY project perfect for cats who love to scratch on flat surfaces (or who can't resist the chance to lay on a cardboard box...more

DIY Cat Tent

Does your cat need a hideout, but is it too hot to undertake a massive DIY project? Check out this easy DIY cat tent! It provides a place for kitty to snuggle...more

DIY Cat Litterbox Cover

I'll admit I usually just visit IKEA for the meatballs, but this re-envisioning of products from the Besta line has inspired me to look at their projects with...more

DIY Cat Gingerbread Toy

Of course, cats love catnip-infused toys to bat around the house, but the funny faces on these cat toys are making us laugh on Monday morning. DIY toys are fun...more

DIY Cat Cardigan

My fashionista level is more at "aspiring" instead of "accomplished", but I think that even I could pull off this easy DIY cat cardigan from The Band Wife. She...more

DIY Sisal Cat Scratching Board

Check out this great DIY Sisal Scratching Post project for those who want to refurbish an old (well-loved) sisal scratching board (via Practically Functional...more

DIY Cardboard Cat Tower

Multi-storey cat condos can be useful for multicat homes and active (but indoor) kitties, giving cats places to play, hide and sleep. If you're feeling crafty...more

DIY Kitty Coasters

These super chic cat coasters are advertised as a DIY project, but fair warning, this project probably takes an intermediate level of crafting skill (something...more

DIY Suitcase Cat Bed

This is a DIY project for those crafters out there who aren`t afraid to go searching for the perfect item in a vintage store. If your cats are anything like...more


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