Fave Finds

Fave Finds

So cool - Nekochan has created the Neko Flies Ultimate Rod, a toy that is three rods in one! Designed so that you and your cat can play together, the Neko Flies Ultimate Rod resembles a fishing rod with a fly attachment on the end, so that your kitty's prey instinct will be activated and she can enjoy chasing and playing! Extendable, strong, and durable, the Neko Flies Ultimate Rod comes with an ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort. An active cat is a healthy cat, and your kitty will go crazy chasing Neko Flies! - ERM


Never use a plastic bag to dispose of kitty litter again! BioDOGradable knows that you love both your cat and the enviornment—that's why they've created awesome Compostable Cat Litter Bags, available in 100 handle bags. Since plastic production has been contributing to a wide range of environmental issues, BioDOGradable has devoted their time to producing eco-efficient products that can be used in harmony with the natural world. Now you can dispose of your kitty litter guilt-free! - ERM


Do you want to make your kitty happy, but don't like the regular aesthetic of cat towers? Then the On2Pets Cat Tree tower is for you! This beautiful cat condo, made from pressed wood, resembles a lovely, leafy tree that will make you feel like you are in a beautiful emerald forest. Easy to assemble, this tower is perfect for jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing, and won't be an eyesore in your living room. The On2Pets Cat Tree tower is also great for cats’ innate hiding instinct! Available in different sizes. - ERM

Way Basics Litter Box

Cat litter boxes are necessary if you want to keep a clean home, but sometimes they can be an eyesore. Way Basics totally gets this — and that's why they've designed a sleek litter box that is disguised as a handsome piece of furniture! Your cat will be able to go to his litter box in privacy and style with this modern, eco-friendly, and toxin-free litter. This box has it all — it's even easy to assemble, and comes with a scratching pad! Available in black, white, natural, and espresso. - ERM

Zen Clipper

Let's face it: cats do not like getting their nails clipped. Luckily, Zen Clipper makes the process as painless as possible... literally! The Zen Clipper has a patent-pending conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet's nail into the cutting area, which helps to prevent the claw from twisting. This provides your fur baby with the safest of techniques to make sure the quick of his nail won't be harmed, even if he tries to jump or move while it is being trimmed. Available in different sizes to match different sizes of cats, Zen Clipper's fabulous design will protect your kitty from hurting himself but will also help keep his nails short and clean! - ERM


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