Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Mountain Cat Tree Cat Shelves

Give your cat vertical space to play, explore and chill out in with these lovely cat shelves from Mountain Cat Trees. They are a great way to allow your cat a safe and high place to explore and also to just sit and observe the room. Your cat will love them!

Fingerless Meow Gloves

These adorable fingerless meow gloves from Shop for Shelters will help keep you warm in the winter, and proceeds from the purchase go to your choice of animal shelter - what could be better?

3M Scratch Protection Film

Owning a pet can take its toll on your home, but with so many great products out there, you can keep your pet and your house happy. Like this virtually invisible scratch protection film from 3M that prevents damage from cat's nails. It's easy to apply, can be used on door and window frames, window sills, or other trim pieces and it leaves no adhesive residue if you decide to remove it. Paw-fect!

A functional and stylish scratching board for your cat
Astoria Cat Scratcher

Architect Pets has created a beautiful and functional cat scratching pad that is sure to delight your cat. The Astoria Cat Scratch features different sisal areas will satisfy all of your cat's scratching needs AND it will look nice in your home; a combo that we love!

Holiday Cat Bow Tie

Include your cats in on the holiday celebrations! Have your handsome kitty look his best for the holidays with this removable, fun bow tie by Sweet Pickles Designs. Your cat will be the star of your holiday party in this super cute bow tie.  


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