Fave Finds

Fave Finds
From Jin Designs
Sitting Cat Mug

Nothing beats an afternoon cup of tea on a brisk fall day. Having an adorable cat mug to enjoy it in? That's the cherry on top. I love this Sitting Cat Mug by Jin Designs. Perfect for curling up with a favourite book, a cat, and a comfy chenille throw. ~LC

Meow for Measuring Cups

Here is a set of beautiful Meow Measuring Cups from designer One Hundred 80 Degrees, sold via Mod Cloth. A sweet set that would make a great gift for your favourite cat lover! 

Katch Litter Mat

The litter box area is a hard place to keep clean. Luckily, there are many ways to help the probematic area. Modko's fantastic Katch Litter Mat that helps to pull any remaining litter pieces that are left on your cat's paws and collect it on the mat. The smart design features handles for easier pouring back into the litter box. This mat is a great way to aid in keeping your home cleaner. -tc

Cat and Banjo iPhone Case

The perfect accessory for the bluegrass cat fan (they exist, trust us). It's the Cat Banjo iPhone Case from Cobras795 via Redbubble. Cat owners of discerning musical taste recognize the art behind the strings of a well-picked banjo, and this old-time cat can relate. We believe in displaying our cat love on absolutely all surfaces available, and this phone case is a just another vehicle through which our love can radiate. 

The Cats of Oakville

A captivating glimpse into the personalities of the wonderful cats that call Oakville home, The Cats of Oakville is a beautiful collection of photography that will be the perfect additon to your library! - NN


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