Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Cat Hair Shirt

Wear your cat hair with pride! This Cat Hair Shirt from Skreened helps overcome the embarassment of being covered in cat hair by telling the world that owning cats isn't just a lifestyle choice, but a fashion statement, too.

Popware for Pets Klipscoop

Popware for Pets, a division of Dexas, has created a fantastic scoop for your cat's food called the Klipscoop. If kitty’s resolution is to slim down for 2014, these measured cups are a perfect way to keep food portions controlled. This awesome clip that will help to seal your cat food bag, keeping your food fresher, and your scoop always handy! -TC

Glasses cat sweater

Bundle up against the cold in this super cute sweater with a stylish bespectacled cat on it from Next. Made from fine spun cotton, it will keep you cozy and warm during the harsh winter.

Aikiou Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder

Keeping your cat healthy and active can be a challenge at times, but there are many products out there that can help you. Aikiou's Stimulo cat interactive feeder is one great example. It challenges your cat's brain and discourages overeating. It is also great for cats who have a tendency to eat too fast and then throw up, which is never pleasant for anyone involved. This feeder will encourage your cat's curiosity and hunting instinct!

Curl up with a cup of tea
Oscar the Cat Mug

The cold weather that has a stranglehold on much of North America right now is making us want to curl up with a really hot cup of tea and our best furry friends. This Oscar the Cat Mug from UK seller Not on the High Street is a particularly cute set, and fits the bill rather perfectly. - LC


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