Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Treat yourself to less litter clean up in the New Year
Litter Robot

The new year is a time for new beginnings, why not ring it in with the promise of less litter clean up? The Litter Robot is the ultimate in cat litter ease. Self-cleaning, it only requires you to remove the waste bag every few days, which means less time cleaning up and more time playing with Mittens! You and your cat will love it! -tc

Neko Flies Kittycada

Help your kitty reach his weight goal this new year with a great toy that will give him a great workout. The Kittycada from Neko Flies will enchant your cat and keep him playing for hours! He will love stalking, chasing, and hunting this fluttery bug shaped toy.

 Paw Batter

The winter can be hard on your skin, but Honeycat Cosmetics have got you covered. Their Paw Batter is a fantastic moisturizing foot cream that will save your paws from the harsh winter months. With shea butter, coco butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and buttermilk your feet will love this treat!

Catty Stacks

Cats love boxes. It is a universal truth. Catty Stacks are the perfect way to let your cat embrace their love of boxes, climbing and playing. You can buy one or a few to make a fun playplace for Fluffy. Made of recycled corrugated cardboard and vegetable based ink, they are good to the environment and safe for your cat. They are also 100% recycleable so when your cat has done all he can to the box, you can send it off to be made into something new. They also come in many different colours for you to mix and match. -tc


Green Belt Felt Cat Bed

Give your cat something to curl up in during the cold winter months. This handmade felt bed from Cherry Felt is the perfect cozy spot for your cat. The fish on the top of the cushion and the little fastened belt are adorable little touches that make this bed the cat's meow. -tc


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