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For the Love of (Stray) Cats

Stray cats scrounging for food around hotels have become a serious problem in resort destinations like Cancun, Mexico. The cats can carry rabies or other...more
5 Ways to Help a Semi-Feral Cat Adjust to a Domestic Home

5 Ways to Help a Semi-Feral Cat Adjust to a Domestic Home

Helping a semi-feral cat adjust to her environs can be time consuming and challenging—because of this they are more likely to be sent back to their adoption...more
Sidekick Series

Sidekick Series

Check out this awesome web documentary series called The Sidekick Series that shares amazing animal adoption stories from the New York area. The stories of...more
Ferry Cat Rescue

Amazing cat rescue

A cat was rescued from underneath a ferry in Sweden on February 21, 2014 when Stellan Stenberg, an employee on the ferry, heard strange noises coming from...more
Shop for Shelters

Do your holiday shopping and give back!

It feels great to give back, and there is a great way to do it while shopping for your cat! Shop for Shelters is the official on-line store of Animal Charities...more
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Meet Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo’s... FAVOURITE FOOD Shrimpies and Friskies Indoor Classic Pate Chicken Dinner FAVOURITE PASTIME He loves playing with anything feathery but he...more


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Meet: Mr No Ears