Cats and Babies!

Cats and Babies!

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Kitten Watching a Movie

Kitten Watching a Movie

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Adorable Cat Chases Tail

Adorable Cat Chases His Tail

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Shark Cat and Baby

Shark Cat is Back!

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Lil BUB Playing

Lil BUB Playing

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Tyrone Wins Star Cat Contest

The votes have been counted, and the results are in. The winner of the Star Cat Contest (presented by Cloud 9 for Cats) is Tyrone! Tyrone has faced a difficult...more
Shower Cat

Calm Cat Gets a Bath

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Cool Cat

How to Keep a Cat Cool on a Hot Day

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Hugs and Cuddles

So Many Cat Hugs

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Viral Kitties

Cat Painting: Fact or Fiction?

Our own Modern Cat staffer Lauren was recently interviewed on The List to weigh in on the phenomenon of cat painting. Check out the video to see what her...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears